Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When does my child arrive and depart?

All campers arrive during the camp season on Sundays between 1:00 and 3:00 PM. All registration and check-ins will take place in the Van Building (aka Rec Hall). Please be sure child is with you for registration, and that you have their canteen money, cell phone and all medications to be turned into the nurse. Once your child is registered then you can help get them settled in their rooms. Once they are settled you may join us or for the parent orientation at 3:30 PM before getting back on the road.

All CITs and Staff arrive on the Saturday before each session to undergo their training and prepare for the incoming campers. All CITs and Staff should check-in to the office between 1:00 and 3:00 PM to receive their assignments and check-in with the nurse.

The Closing Program will take place every Saturday at 11:00 AM and conclude at 12:00 PM. We encourage all parents to join us for the closing program.

What should I send and not send in care packages for my child?

Great ideas for care packages are: Books, Magazines, Clothes, Flip-Flops, Sunglasses, Playing Cards, Stuffed Animals, Travel-sized Games, Art Supplies, Stationary, and more!

Due to our rustic setting and severe food allergies of other participants, please do not send your child with any food or include food in any care packages. This includes gum and candy, too! Absolutely NO food or drinks other than water will be allowed in the participants’ rooms. We will have the canteen well-stocked and will provide several opportunities for campers to purchase snacks and convenient area in which to eat them.

What is the camp’s cell phone policy?

Cell phones are not permitted at camp for CITs or campers. We prefer that cell phones are left at home. Any cell phones (including iPhones that are on airplane mode) brought to camp will be collected at registration and returned on the last day of the session. Campers and CITs will be permitted to “check-out” their cell phones for a 15-minute period to call home during their free time before dinner during the week. Their counselors will determine the time that works best for their counselor group. If there is an emergency, you may contact the camp office (518) 966-8380.

What should we know about packing electronics for camp?

We strongly advise that iPods, MP3 players, digital cameras, etc. not be brought to camp. All music brought to camp must be appropriate to a Christian camp atmosphere. Inappropriate music will be taken away and returned at the conclusion of camp. St. Vartan Camp cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. Therefore, please label all items and remind your child of the importance of caring for their personal belongings.

What is the best way to pack for child’s time at camp?

Please use a “duffle bag” style luggage to pack your child’s belongings, so that they may be easily stored under the camper’s bed. The rooms in the dormitories have limited storage space, so please pack accordingly for your child’s safety and comfort.

What type of clothing should I pack for my child?

Please check the St. Vartan Camp 2019 Fact Sheet for a complete list of suggested clothing for your child’s one or two-week camp experience. Please note that all clothing must be conducive to a Christian camp atmosphere. Therefore, we ask that there be no writing on the back of participants’ shorts and that all of the slogans be appropriate. All females are asked to pack a one piece (respectful) bathing suit. Participants found wearing inappropriate clothing will be asked to change.